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Rear spindle and swingarm mods:

The Bros rear spindle needs modifying to accept the VFR750 rear wheel.
I machined mine down as the picture opposite.  The spindle was shortened and turned down to 49.8mm dia to fit inside the VFR rearwheel and the 4 holes that normally had the locating pins for the Bros wheel were opened out to 12mm dia to accommodate the bolts for the VFR wheel fixing.
Note: the spindle is as hard as hell and needs special tools to machine it !!

rear_spindle_1.jpg (67440 bytes)

My attention then turned to the swingarm which I decided to polish up.
For this I used a flexible drive shaft and emery wheel attached to a pistol drill to smooth down the swing arm ready for polishing.  I sat for nearly a day smoothing it down.

emery_wheel_1.jpg (31038 bytes)

To polish the swingarm I used a polishing mop on my bench grinder and with some polishing 'soap' and good old Autosol spent an evening polishing it to a nice mirror finish.

grinder_polisher_1.jpg (122909 bytes)

The picture doesn't really do the finish justice as it appears to have some blemishes but that is the photo and not the finish.

polished_swingarm_1.jpg (49076 bytes)

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