Here are some pictures of my Bros with various modifications.

Most of the images are between 150-200k so be patient when you click on the thumbnail to show full screen image.

Some pics of the swing arm and brake line through the swing arm.

WSAc161103.jpg (206540 bytes)

BL161103.jpg (168543 bytes)

BLF161103.jpg (139482 bytes)
The gap between the 170 tyre and swing arm is approx 5mm.
The chain guard is Ducati 916.

BLRCG161103.jpg (199882 bytes)

BLa161103.jpg (141076 bytes)

WSA161103.jpg (89016 bytes)

CBR600 FM front forks/wheel but using the Bros fender.
Req'd small alu bracket making.

FFa161103.jpg (289482 bytes)

FF161103.jpg (165677 bytes)

FFb161103.jpg (205176 bytes)

Current state of my Bros as at Nov 2003.
Wonder what to do this winter !!

FR161103.jpg (202941 bytes)

FRa161103.jpg (162643 bytes)

FRc161103.jpg (177839 bytes)

Just not sure about that screen?
Probably going to remove it.

FRd161103.jpg (187572 bytes)

RR161103.jpg (179451 bytes)
Ra161103.jpg (193837 bytes)

...and that exhaust can needs to come up tight to the seat unit

RRa161103.jpg (160423 bytes)

RRb161103.jpg (201804 bytes)

RRc161103.jpg (182588 bytes)

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